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Dominate Your Market. 

Inspire Your People.



so you understand business storytelling frameworks


ensure that you quickly get marketing and messaging right


to help apply story across every area of your business

We have only one tool that can grab and hold a person's attention:


Tell her a story and she won't shut you out.

Most marketing expenditures are wasted. They just add to the noise

Don't waste money on marketing programs that don't work and make the problem worse.  When under pressure, B2B marketing leaders will double down on loud, ineffective, and frequent interruption. This is expensive and counterproductive

Entrepreneurs under pressure feel forced to expand sales too early

Early sales activity is critical to enable product and marketing experts to refine both product and messaging. But hiring  expensive sales people to compensate for marketing or product problems will damage your reputation and cost a fortune.

Fix the actual underlying problem

When Employees Tune You Out

Employees are increasingly distributed from their teammates in B2B companies.  Isolation can make work feel like it's "just a job".

Employees respond to story just as prospects do. Tell them the one that matters.  They will reward you.

Fanatical devotion to a company comes from great leadership with a great mission, and great leaders understand how to communicate.

Guiding Principle

When you want to connect with anyone, invite them "into" a story.

Not your company's story. Their story.

Story helps us make sense of data, form ideas and remember. 

When story is important to the listener, magic happens:

  • the listener sees the story as his own (you read my thoughts)

  • people will listen to a story, even over months or years

  • story can compel people to action, and change deeply held convictions (think taboo - religion, politics, conspiracies)


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Example: In 1954 sales of Marlboro cigarettes were sluggish. In 1955 Phillip Morris indroduced the rugged, masculine Marlboro Man. The story they told was simply that by smoking Marlboro cigarettes, a person would become rugged themselves.

In one year,
Marlboro sales shot up 3,241%.    
Stories matter.

Applying Story - Online Courses

Dominate Your Market.  Inspire Your People.

Succeed as a Team!

StoryBrand and Business Made Simple frameworks are transformative for companies that implement them well. You have some great options to ensure you it do it right.

Do-It-All-Yourself:  The online courses explain it all; theory behind commercial storytelling, application to every type of communication, and processes to ensure your success.  

Do-It-With-Prendessa: In this model we combine the online courses with intense coaching, and we implement the solutions together. This learn-while-doing model delivers agency quality results while ensuring your people won't need external help in the future. 

Prendessa-As-An-Agency:  For those that just want effective sales and marketing as fast as possible, we can do it all for you quickly using a traditional agency model.  You still can learn from the courses (recommended).

Prendessa Services

Take moment to explore and learn more about the services we offer

Domination Through Story

in three simple steps:


Learn the principles.

Understand story through the content that has helped 10,000+ businesses to thrive. Learn how to apply it in every aspect of your business.

$275 Per Person


Implement these proven processes across your organization with expert help

  • Reach prospects and convert them

  • Motivate & lead employees

  • Cut costs

  • Attract investors


Grow your business.

Expected Outcomes

  • cut through market noise to reach prospects

  • improve word-of-mouth references

  • increase productivity

  • improve key employee retention

  • increase sales and revenue

  • attract and hire better people

  • attract investors

  • reduce marketing and sales costs

  • enthusiastic reviews and references

Transform Your Company

Reach and Convert
New Prospects

B2B teams spend lots of money talking about themselves and how their technology works.

We help companies communicate clearly about their customers' problems in a way that they appreciate and remember. You can have predictable sales and dominate your market.

Lower Costs While Increasing Sales

Competing with market noise by interrupting prospects with yet more noise will cost more money than you can raise.

You can reach your market far more effectively with words and a business framework delivery.

Lead Fanatical, Motivated, Employees

Employees are your most critical asset, and they are also the easiest asset to lose or misuse. 

The same methods that change your prospects into evangelists will help transform your people into fanatical advocates. That's why we use proven systems to help everyone understand how they are part of something meaningful and important.

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